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Sustainable Event Planning Guide

Sustainable Events Intro

Sustainable Events

Events, small or large, are resource and waste intensive and can have significant impacts on the environment. Using less of everything and choosing products, suppliers and processes that are environmentally sustainable benefits the environment, and builds credibility for the organizations involved. It also has the added benefit of inculcating good behavior among event attendees.

“Making events sustainable does not have to be expansive or time consuming.”

Waste solutions alongside sustainable products & services are becoming common place & price competitive. This, coupled with changing attitudes & expectations of event attendees towards pro-environmental practices mean that there is more acceptance and less  resistance towards implementing sustainable initiatives. 

“A recent research study into the expectation of event-goers on receiving goodie bags showed that goodie bags are not a major draw or incentive for attending events.” Read study here.

Benefits of Sustainable Events


Cost Savings

Saying no to programme booklets or goodie bags & door gifts helps reduce costs.


Brand Reputation

A sustainable event says a lot about the values of the host organisation – it signals  their willingness to take action.


Education & Awareness

Events are an avenue for promoting awareness, educating the public and practicing pro-environmental behaviour.


Environment Impact

A sustainable event uses less resources and generates less waste.



Sustainability is all about creativity, so use your event as an avenue to experiment with creative solutions. This approach can bring an element of differentiation and memorability to your event.


Driving Change

Increasing demand for sustainable products & services will create a shift towards sustainability, while creating a bigger market for sustainable products & services.

Benefits of Sustainable Events
Event Planning Guide

Sustainable Event Planning Guide

The xhebit Sustainable Event Planning Guide was developed as a self-help guide to enable event organisers to think through their event planning. In order to keep it relevant and practical, all examples of sustainability come from Singapore events. Where possible, international best practices have been put forward as way to continually raise the bar on sustainable efforts

Step by step guide to planning

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Going Beyond Talk.

As an international events destination, Singapore is host to governmental summits, international conferences & trade shows. Ensuring that events are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) helps demonstrate Singapore’s commitment to climate action. As global goals, the SDGs are clearly defined for all to understand.

Additional Tools for Planning
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