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The Final Straw

The Final Straw

Ending plastic waste

The Final Straw is a social business set up to eliminate plastic straws from the food & beverage industry in Singapore.


In Singapore, we estimate we use 2.2. million plastic straws every day. If laid end-to-end, Singapore’s daily plastic straw consumption would cover the coastline of Singapore more than twice over.


Plastic straws, like many other single-use plastic items, are difficult to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly way. They end up in landfill or the ocean, where they harm and kill marine life and, as they break down, leach toxins into our food and water system. Plastics production is also a major and growing contributor to climate change.


We work with the food & beverage industry (as the main users of plastic straws) to find a better alternative to plastic straws, that works for them, their customers, and the environment.


We sell and lease reusable stainless steel and bamboo straws for use at events. This provides events companies with a stress-free and stylish way to deliver a better sustainable experience for their customers.


All our products are BPA and toxin-free, food-grade quality. Our range of styles, colours and size provide a better customer experience and deliver a better environmental impact.


We also provide  a ’ready-to-go’ straw pack, including straw(s), cleaning brush, drawstring canvas or batik pouches. There are options to customise both pouch and straw.


We now only provide corporate or door gifts on exception. We do this because our straws are only beneficial for the environment if they are re-used, and this is less likely if they are given without the recipients wanting them.


We are open to providing our straws as gifts where they are given in a way that is likely to increase their re-use (e.g. where the recipients have to explicitly ask) or where they support wider environmental efforts. Please get in touch - we would love to hear your ideas about how best to do this.