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Your sustainable gifting partner

Coopita is a Singapore based social enterprise focused on preserving the craft traditions of Asia. Coopita works with over 200 craft communities across 8 Asian countries and curates and audits their processes and products to bring sustainable and eco-friendly products to consumers as well as businesses. Each product of Coopita comes with a story behind its makers and documents the intangible culture associated with the product. Our gifts are not just sustainable but they also help businesses in achieving social objectives. Whether its event speakers or employees, Coopita’s gifts represent historical heritage and the stories behind the product ensures that your audience treasures and values these gifts.


As a trusted partner for event gifting, our team will work closely with you to understand and align your sustainability objectives with our product offering. And thats not it, as part of our process, we also give businesses an Impact Report of purchasing the gifts from us, which you could integrated with your sustainability reporting.


As a young business, we are proud to have partnered with following clients for event gifting – SMU Lien Centre of Research, National University of Singapore, Singapore Eco Film Festival, CSR Asia conference on sustainable reporting and Green is the New Black 2017 to name a few.