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Grand Hyatt is making strides in sustainable dining.

Updated: May 27, 2019

In November 2018, Grand Hyatt launched its latest range of plant-based food, Just Egg, a vegan burger made from mung beans and meant to taste just like eggs. This was accompanied by a plant based BBQ which showcased their commitment to plant based foods.

Sustainable Dining at Grand Hyatt

I had a quick chat with Executive Sous Chef of Grand Hyatt, Martin Satow, and he shared how Hyatt is taking steps to expand their plant based sustainable menu.

“All rice used is organic and all eggs used are cage free at Hyatt. Much of the veggies used are sourced from Cameron Highlands, thereby reducing their carbon footprint from food miles. Effort is made to use the whole broccoli, instead of just the flower head, to reduce food waste. In addition to plant based menu, many of the fish offered at Grand Hyatt is sustainably sourced and ASC or MSC certified.” - Executive Sous Chef Martin Satow

Just Egg vegan burger is their latest edition and was sourced by Grand Hyatt as part of the hotel’s commitment to a sustainable future.

"Made from mung beans, the cholesterol-free and antibiotic-free JUST Egg has been created by San Francisco-based food innovator JUST Inc. to scramble and taste just like eggs, allowing chefs the freedom to create anything from French toast to omelets just as they have with conventional eggs. Requiring less water and fewer carbon emissions than conventional chicken eggs." - Grand HYATT

Just how does Hyatt carry off a plant-based BBQ?

In addition to launching Just Egg, Hyatt organised a plant-based BBQ which featured a sushi bar, a variety of vegan burgers, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine selections and vegan ice-cream.

Poke Bowl

Sushi Bar – The Sushi Bar featured Futo Maki, Poke Bowl, Shitake Mushroom Rolls and Carrot lox with Avacado. Sushi is a favourite with many Singaporeans and this is an excellent way to enjoy it while remaining plant-based (no fish).

Sushi Bar - Brown rice veggie roll | futo maki roll | spicy shitake mushroom roll

Wood-Fired BBQ – These comprised of a variety of vegan burgers ranging from the newly launched Just Egg burger to Beyond Burger, pumpkin & chickpea burger, and beetroot & mushroom burger. The varieties of vegan burgers available today is amazing.

Tandoori Oven

Tandoori Oven - Dairy free yogurt was used to spice a variety of veggies that were cooked in the tandoor.

Chinese Wok – Chinese selection comprised a variety of familiar and tasty beancurd and veggies options.

Middle eastern Corner – A variety of dips like hummus, dairy free tzatziki and tabbouleh were offered in addition to oven roasted eggplants (below left), falafels and pita bread (below right).

Grand Hyatt offers an extensive selection of plant based food options across multiple cuisines – there was something to delight every palette. For events that are looking to be more sustainable without compromising on gastronomical experience, Grand Hyatt’s offerings are definitely something to consider.

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