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4 ways to use Technology to Green your Event.

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

1. Online Event Ticketing

Use an online event ticketing platform for visitors to register. It cuts back on paper use and organises your registration list for easy reference. It is generally simple to setup and you can have your event site up and running in no time. Many of these event ticketing platforms integrate seamlessly with social media platforms like Mailchimp, Facebook and Twitter which makes it easier to use your existing mailing list or target a wider audience. They are also mobile friendly and work well across-platform e.g. Android & iPhone.

Cons are primarily in the form of fees for use. However, the advantages usually outweigh the cons by far.

Some of the more commonly used apps include Eventbrite, Peatix, SISTIC and Ticketbox– pricing schemes vary with Peatix & Eventbrite keeping event ticketing free for free events.

2. Event App

Having an event app is handy both for event organisers to disseminate information & for event-goers to access info. Most importantly, event apps help do away with programme booklets and related brochures & print-outs. This helps reduce the amount of paper waste generated from a 1 or 2 day event, many of which end up in the bin – not necessarily a recycling bin. By having all info concisely packed into an app for easy on-the-go access, we can save more trees!

Having used several event apps myself, I find them especially useful for getting live updates on what’s happening at the event (for large events), time changes because of delays, or live interaction from fellow event-goers. You can access all this and more even before you arrive on the day – apps are usually downloaded 1-2 days ahead of time.

Cons – Cost varies hugely and may not be feasible for smaller events or budget events.

3. Content Management at Event

Events are generally content rich. It is a space for businesses or organisations to share info. Instead of printing brochures, check out these interactive alternatives for sharing content during an event.

Use Bluetooth Beacon to share content, encourage people to move around your event space

Bluetooth Beacon by JA Security and Innovations

At only $50 per beacon, you can use it to share content, encourage people to move around your event space, network with other event-goers & save on printing cost! Plus, the beacon can be re-used at another event which makes greening easy on your pocket.

  • Save on printing cost & trees

  • Share details on your business with potential customers who are walking by

  • Increase customer satisfaction by sending greetings when they enter your premises

  • Speed up the check-in process at events.

Read about their event here.

AIQ can be used to get info on menus, business info, product info, event-brochure etc.


AIQ is all about O2O campaigns. I had the opportunity to test out their technology at the recent Masterclass for Event Technologies by ENCE and E2i. It’s as simple as scanning a photo and getting information on it. It can be applied in various ways e.g. menu, business info, product info, event-brochure etc.

AIQ tech solution can also be integrated seamlessly into your event app using a SDK. Their campaigns cost $5000 for up to 20 Images and 20,000 interactions.

Uses of AIQ app at events.
AIQ can be used to scan images and receive information on them.

4. E-Gift

Door-gifts are norm at most events. But because of budget constrains, event organisers usually pick the cheaper options and cheaper options usually come at a price for the environment. So choose the eco-friendly option and offer an e-gift.

What is an e-gift?

  • e-Vouchers

  • e-Discounts

  • e-Trial packages

  • e-Offers

  • e-Tickets

  • anything that basically begins with e ……

Not convinced? Read our research study on the appeal of Goodie Bags for event-goers here.

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