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Sustainable Event Planning Guide

Post- Event Review

1. Get Feedback

Get feedback from event-goers, vendors and on-site stall holders. Find out what challenges the attendees had in being sustainable. Ask for suggestions for improvement.

  • Partner with xhebit to host a feedback channel for your event. We will analyse the data and present you with a report & suggestions for improvement. Check out our Research Studies or Contact Us

2. Analyse Data

Analyse the data collected from energy, water, resource use and waste and set targets for future reductions. Assess which initiatives worked or didn’t work, and where environmental impacts can be further reduced. The data can also be used for carbon offsetting.

3. Publish

Publish how your event performed online. 

This is especially useful if your event is an annual occurrence as it helps stakeholders recognize the improvements made year on year. Also the event, will gain reputation for its sustainable efforts, thus branding it as a green event. This branding will reduce the barrier to future participants being supportive of sustainable efforts.

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