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xhebit is Singapore's one-stop platform focused on sustainable event planning. We provide a range of resources & services to support events in becoming environmentally responsible.  xhebit is an initiative by EARTHYS Pte. Ltd.

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Thinking of greening your event?

Use xhebit's Event Planning Guide & Case Studies to plan a sustainable event. 

Plan a Sustainable Event

Pre-Event Planning

Start with a good understanding of your event and areas where resources maybe intensive, over-used or wasted.

Post-Event Review

Find our what challenges the attendees had in being sustainable. Ask for suggestions for improvement.

During Event

Have sufficient posters and indicators for what event-goers are supposed to do. Make periodic announcements to remind even-goers.

Dive into Specific Areas


What does it means to be

a Green Venue?


How do you evaluate if your caterer is sustainable?


How can you divert your 

event waste?


Make your gift a message about the environment by considering these factors.


How do you evaluate if your

hotel is green?


Explore options to skip paper & go straight to digital.

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Case Studies

OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018

Can marathons improve their recycling rates? 

Three lessons from OSIM Sundown Marathon on how to improve recycling rates.

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Thinking of greening your event?

Use xhebit's Event Planning Guide & Case Studies to plan a sustainable event.