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With advent of event apps, e-communications and e-marketing, the necessity for printed material has decreased, but not disappeared. Most printed materials are on paper, which is derived from trees. It is necessary to ensure your printers offer a selection of environmentally friendly papers and print options.

Use these guidelines in selecting a sustainable Printer:

  • Go paperless with registrations, posters and invites

  • Instead of giving out programme brochures, print it on banners or telecast it on screens – Example of projectors being used to highlight sponsers

  • Select printers with No Minimum Quantity to avoid excess waste

  • Choose 100% post-consumer recycled paper + Chlorine-free – List of Sustainable paper available in Singapore - provided by SPICERS.

  • Print double-sided

  • Use recycled material for name badges and recycle after use 100% Post-consumer recycled paper (tree-free)

  • Get stallholders to reduce or eliminate the need for flyers, or promotional material

  • Ensure signage produced will be donated, recycled or reused after the event. To re-use, avoid printing dates.

  • Invite participants to bring their own writing materials, do not provide promotional pens and notepads.

  • Printing T-shirts or goodie bags? Consider GOTS certified cotton

An excess of flyers at events. Most often these flyers/brochures are not printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Read article on Understanding Paper for better clarity on sustainable paper.

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