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Are Event-Goers willing to transition to a more sustainable #GoodieBags culture? 

The Goodie Bag Culture

The trend of giving away #GoodieBags is popular at all types of events ranging from community events to roadshows, and conferences. Goodie Bags are typically filled with snacks, gifts, product samples, sponsored items, brochures and promotional materials.

#xhebit decided to investigate if the reasons for why #GoodieBags are given at events still hold true, and if Event-Goers are willing to transition to a more sustainable #GoodieBags culture. 

Re-Thinking the Goodie Bag Culture.jpg

Comments from respondents on whether Goodie Bags influence their decision to attend events.  

*Comments have been provided in their original form.

  • You don’t need to get a goody bag to attend an event.

  • Depends on whether the event is something of my interest. If so, yes, I may consider going just for the extra perks.

  • Depends on what the items are.

  • Depending on contents. Feel that it will be a waste if the contents are not of use to me.

  • Depends on the objective and activities of the event and what’s in the goodie bag.

  • Depends on what's inside the bag hehe.

  • Depending whether the goodies are of use to me.

  • Depending on the value and relevance to the event.

  • It could be what I like.

  • Depending on what’s inside.

  • If the sponsors for the goody bag are well known and their products are highly sought after, I will take part of the event.

  • Depends on the contents in the bag.

  • The items in the goody bag must be useful to me.

  • It may be useful.

  • It depends on what they have to offer in them.

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