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10 Commandments

For the Event-Goer

Facilitating the transition to sustainable events by engaging event organisers, event-goers and stakeholders.

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Say NO to Goodie Bags

Do you really want that Goodie Bag or are you just taking it because they are giving it out? If you don’t want the bag or anything in it, just say NO. If you do want something, just take what you want and say “NO” to the rest. Over time, organisers will recognise the changing preferences of event-goers, and respond accordingly.

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Check out our research study – Re-Thinking the Goodie Bag Culture to find out what Event-Goers are saying about recieving #GoodieBags.


Avoid flyers, programme

booklets and brochures.

Do not take flyers just because someone is waving it in front of your nose. Ask for e-options or take a photo.

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Do not print your tickets,

or request e-tickets.

Despite the prevalence of booking platforms some agencies still provide hard copy tickets like Sistic. ASK specifically for e-tickets. If enough people ask for e-tickets, organisers will switch to e-ticket platforms. And really, what’s the point of having a smart device if we have to print stuff out?

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If you are attending a farmers market or a consumer event, please bring your own bag! Unless you are planning on buying a cupboard, you should be able to fit your smaller purchases in your bag.

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Do not waste food

If it’s a buffet, take only what you can eat. If it is a food fair, ask for smaller portions and/or keep a Tupperware handy for leftovers.

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Please use the Recycling Bins on site if you have trash that can be recycled. Make an effort!


Use public transportation or cycle

Reduce the use of fossil fuels and some inches off your waistline, it’s a win-win!

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Provide feedback to event organiser

Event has no recycling bins or they are placed in “secret” places where no one can find them? Let the organizer know you don’t like playing hide n seek with recycling bins. If you don’t tell them, how will they know? Same goes for feedback on flyers and wasteful goodie bags.


Engage the event organiser

Let the event organiser know ahead of time of suggestions you have for an upcoming an event. Write to them to clearly communicate what you support or don’t support. If you don't tell them, how will they know? 


Recognise the event organiser

Di the event have effective green initiatives in place? Recognise the efforts of the event organiser so they know it is received well and will be encouraged to do more. If you don't tell them, how will they know? 


 "If you dont tell them, how will they know?"

Provide organisers feedback on how sustainable you thought the event was e.g. Goodie Bags, disposables, food waste, plastic bottled water.

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