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Sustainable Event Planning Guide


Reducing Food Waste

Leftover food is a common problem at catered events. For your next catered event, consider sharing leftovers with willing consumers. 

Listed below are a few Telegram groups that post locations (with event organiser permission) where there is leftover catered food and public in the nearby vicinity can drop by and help consume the leftovers or pack it away. 

If you have an upcoming event and would like to reduce food waste, please contact one of these groups in advance for help. 

Telegram Groups

NTU Free Food

NUS Buffet Response

NUS BTC Buffet Response

SMU Buffet Clearers

Food Rescue @ Events

Diverting Food Waste

Food waste is divided into uncooked and cooked food waste (see examples below). Uncooked food waste are generally preferred option for composting in community gardens and home compost piles. Due to the oil and salt content of cooked food, and the final intended use of the compost, cooked food waste maybe better suited for biodigesters. 

The map below was developed by Foodscape Collective and their community members. The Blue Star markers show individuals willing to take in food waste for composting, and the Orange Star markers show community gardens willing to receive food waste. Each star displays info on the contact person, locality, type of food waste taken, amount taken, and frequency with which it is taken in. 

Uncooked Food Waste

Fruit peel

Vegetable scraps

Soya bean waste (from soya milk manufacturers)

Barley waste (from beer makers)

Coffee grounds

Cooked Food Waste

Cooked food

Cooked Meat

Cooked Veggies

The map above was developed by Foodscape Collective and their community members - Facebook page. You can view the original map here. Map is best viewed in a desktop browser.

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