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Sustainable Event Planning Guide



Door gifts, souvenirs, gift packs and goodie bags are common-place at most events in Singapore. With the exception of food items, these items are often kept for a short period before being disposed of or passed on. Given the number of events taking place annually, the potential number of gifts that get disposed can get substantial and is simply a wasted resource. The culture of door gifts needs to shift – either towards sustainable options or none at all.


The number of artisans crafting gifts from recycled, reused and upcycled materials is growing in Singapore. Consider engaging one of these artisans for your next event – it is a way to offer gifts while reducing waste. 

Use these guidelines in selecting a sustainable Eco-Gifts:

  • Gifts made from recycled, re-used or upcycled materials – Mother & Child project

  • Gifts that add value e.g. vouchers

  • Gifts focused on experience e.g. Wine tasting, cooking class, movie tickets

  • Gifts that give back e.g. donating to a non-profit organisation

  • Gifts that help cut down on waste e.g. coffee thermos for coffee drinkers, compost pail

  • Food items e.g. Coffee beans or speciality coffee

Taiken Sonzai
Making of Bottle Cap Paperweight_edited.

Accessories made from textile leftovers by Taiken Sonzai (left) used bottle caps made into crafts by Arty8Gallery (right).

Re-Thinking the Goodie Bag Culture

Find out what Event-Goers think about receiving Goodie Bags. 

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