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Advisory Services & Event Waste Audit

xhebit is committed to greening events. We do not plan events but work with event organisers to ensure your events are planned and executed sustainably. We do this by identifying the event’s impact areas and put forward sustainable measures, solutions or initiatives that can be adopted to minimise impact.

We carry out event waste audits to help events understand what are their waste streams and how it can be tackled in future events.

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Propose an Idea

If you have an innovative Solution to tackle general waste, food waste, resource use, behaviour, we can help you get it off the ground!

The Wall of Ideas

We are bringing a new training session to you soon!

Watch this space for details.


Does your organisation organise several events throughout the year & you would like them to be environmentally responsible? Get in touch with us for a training workshop which will get your team up to speed on the basics of sustainability, and ways to reduce impact from your events.

Recommended for organisations that run events ranging from seminars to workshops and D&Ds.

Showcase your event

There are many factors that influence the success of a sustainability initiative at any event. Therefore, designing sustainable events is sometimes a matter of trial and error. At xhebit we aim to shorten this learning curve by doing the legwork for organisers. We
provide Case Studies based on observations made on-site, interviews with organisers and feedback from event-attendees.

You can help us by sharing sustainable initiatives that worked at your event, and lessons learnt from the experience. This way your organisation or event gets recognised for sustainability, and others can learn from your efforts. 

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