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Case Studies

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Latest Case Study

Event waste audit and carbon footprint comparison.


Event waste audit and carbon footprint comparison between two festivals.

Focus Areas: Waste audit, carbon footprint

OSIM Sundown 2018 cover

Can marathons improve recycling rates? Lessons from OSIM Sundown Marathon

OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018

3 lessons to improving recycling at marathons.

Focus Areas: Food Waste, Recycling


Partnering with Exhibitors to encourage greener events

BEX Green Space Award 2017

Read about how REED Exhibitions uses the Green Space Award to encourage exhibitors to build their booths and pavilions sustainably.

Focus Areas: Booths and Deco


RBF 2017_mini.jpg

Aligning SDGs with Sustainable Event Planning

Responsible Business Forum 2017

How does a international conference hosting over 900 delegates say no to programme booklets, door gifts, food waste and banners?

Focus Areas: Food & Beverage, Print, Waste (Banners)



A closer look at sustainable catering

Ridge View Residential College Symposium 2017

Focus Areas: Food & Beverage, Food Waste, Education & Outreach

How do you ensure a delicious menu while serving sustainable palm oil, Hormone Free Chicken, Marine Stewardship Certified (MSC) fish? 



Partnering with marathons to reduce waste

Standard Chartered Marathon 2017

The case of the frenzied bananas. Find out how a volunteer group partnered with Standard Chartered Run 2017 to tackle the 3Rs.

Focus Areas: Community Engagement, Food Waste, Recycling



Tech Events are not striving to be green.

Tech In Asia 2017

Key Focus Areas: Waste

An example of an event that did not incorporate sustainable planning leading to waste in programme booklets, goodie bags, plastic bottled water etc.


A Sustainable Fantasy – The Fantastical World of

Fantastical World of

Read about how Education & Outreach was used to educate the public on going green.

Key Focus Areas: Education & Outreach, Waste



Pulling off a Vegan Gala Dinner successfully

ACRES Gala Dinner 2018

After 10 years of holding Gala Dinners, how does ACRES still manage to stick to a vegan meal and still bring in the crowds.

Focus Areas: Food & Beverage


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